Half-Blood (Percy Jackson Book Review)

Nothing beats the fiction category when it comes to books and films. Thousands of fantasy genre stories had flooded the bookstores and I can say fiction was the biggest demand among the bookworms nowadays. I could say that the Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson was one of the best novels that I have read when it comes to the infusion of mythology and modernity. It was definitely a head breaking effort to think on how did Riordan actually put out the novel. One thing is for sure, Percy Jackson is a one perfect package of myth, adventure and heroic deeds for all ages.

Percy Jackson, a half blood and the face of new hero. He was the son of Poseidon and of course a mortal, didn’t I say he’s a half-blood. But, what makes the Percy Jackson a hit in fiction novel and in the big screen. I bet there would be a long list to fill up the answer. Nobody had perfectly transformed the Greek mythology into something more exciting. I didn’t say the Greek mythology is not already interesting. What I want to say is that to put that ancient myth in the modern world then that’s one brilliant idea. The Percy Jackson novel had been written in a way which would really pictured the possibility that maybe there was the Olympus after all right in the middle of a city. Admit it, when you read the novel you had this question pop inside your brain wondering that maybe it was really possible that half-blood do exist. That’s how almost convincing Riordan piece of art is.

The novel gives not only the best imagination we could have but also things we could relate. The best thing in the novel, if you also notice it, is that it kind of discussed the environmental issues we have right now. I bet readers would feel a little bit guilty at the part where Grover, the satyr and friend of Percy, said how he feels about human who doesn’t actually pay attention on making the world filthy. I love the way family relationship had been given a point in here. And let’s don’t forget the friendship. How many trios we have known? There are lots. A hero’s quest is not perfect without his trio, right? Harry Potter have Hermione and Ron, Percy have Annabeth and Grover.

I love this novel because it gives you so much more than just a fiction. Bravery is not something you show just because you want to be named. It is something you use to save the important things in your life with sacrifice and serenity in your heart. To Rick Riordan, Kudos!





My philosophy in life is simple: privacy and freedom. These are not complicated concepts. On the menu of choices, it is more satisfying when the flavor of privacy blends with freedom than all rest. In technology world where social networking sites were sprouting like mushrooms, it is out of the question. If people wanted to join and get himself acquainted with these sites, he has to take its many consequences.

I am a keen enthusiast of these social networking sites. Being an indoor girl, I never had the chance to mingle with other people, putting of course the school and neighborhood population in exception. This was the reason behind my numerous accounts in facebook, twitter, tumbler and other social networking sites. It’s not about the fact of being updated to the latest trend but it’s a way of getting to know more people. But at the end of the day, I learned the downside of this craze.

I was being pounded by school works that I decided to take a break and so I opened my facebook account. As I browse, a notification caught my attention. It says that I recently posted on my wall. Now, how could that possibly happen? Well, it only means one thing; a hacker attacked my account. And so I changed my password right away. But to my surprise, a friend told me the very next day that the hacker attacked again and posted nasty things, in which I was really pissed off.

Hacking is an unauthorized use, or attempts to bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network. Such cases involve malicious and inquisitive meddling like trying to poke around personal information. A hacker is a person who enjoys exploring the details of computers and how to stretch their capabilities. Sad to say, the number of hacker attacks continued to increase.

No more hate but I think those people shall be treated as criminals to the extent that they were giving moral damages to owner of the account they hacked. But on the other hand hacking could be considered a genius because the break systems or applications security that programmers cannot solve were hauled up by this people. Some hackers had been working as professionals to bring solution not another predicament.

The only thing we could do is be responsible enough to protect ourselves in the possibility that a hacker would wrath out the entertainment that the internet offers us.

The truth about the freedom in writing our opinions and point of views is that there are lot of people trying to hold on to the pens of the writers nowadays.  I was still at a young age and on the process of stepping on the ladder towards my dream to write and express myself using my pen when my world collapsed. I experienced the pressure of being an editor on a college paper being administered by people who never understand and should I say believe with the true value of writing in freedom.

Freedom to write, this is one of our privilege but what can a student do to fight for the right to write or let the spirits of real writing and campus journalism die?


Love begins at home which can be found right inside our heart…


I never believe in true love nor in happy ending.   My only belief is that everything ends.   We can never really assess to ourself that things would last in the way we want it to be.   They say the only place where we could find an everlasting love is right at home…


Who would take me home?